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February 16, 2012


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If you know who John Green of the Vlog Brothers 2.0 is, you may be familiar with this reference. If not, you might have been a bit alarmed (intrigued?) by the title above.

Just wanted to see if this would elicit any attention.

I held my second photo shoot on Sunday, Feb. 12, with models Maurita and Jordan. Initially, I meant to photograph ads for my jewelry line. But then it transformed into a fashion shoot that could practically be labeled "spontaneous."

The reason is such: I have decided not to continue with KamiJewels.

I realized I was sacrificing the joy derived from my art to make a few bucks. The stress of advertising, marketing, and working with unreliable business people in my town was eating me up. I'll still be creating art as long as I live, but only selling it sporadically, and only within the region in which I live.

Thanks to everyone who continues to watch me, and if you get a chance, check out the pics of Maurita and Jordan:

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